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Health Behavior Presentation



Each student will prepare a 5-minute presentation (minimum 10 slides) explaining one specific health behavior listed below and highlighted in purple. Since this is an essential portion of the course material, these presentations must be clear and professional. Include a transcript of the narration in the “notes” section of the pp slides. The narration should be detailed and NOT verbatim of the talking points on the slide. Your notes should elaborate on the talking points on each slide. The professor will base grading on clarity of the presentation, accuracy and completeness of the information, application of a model, evaluation and original insight. The presentation should include:

· Title slide (with your name) (SLIDE 1)

· Briefly define the health behavior (SLIDE 2)

· Briefly explain the public health significance of the behavior (i.e. provide statistics on the prevalence of the behavior, the population most at risk, etc.) (SLIDE 3)

· List at least two risk factors leading to the behavior (SLIDE 4)

· A  risk factor is any attribute, characteristic or exposure of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or injury. Some examples of the more important  risk factors are underweight, unsafe sex, high blood pressure, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene (WHO, 2015).

· Indicate at least two health consequences/effects/impacts of the behavior (SLIDE 5)

· Health effects (or  health impacts) are changes in health resulting from exposure to a source.  For example, several health consequences of smoking include heart disease, stroke, lung cancer.  See the following link for additional information:

· cdc.gov

· Apply the constructs of an  appropriate behavior model or theory that we've learned about in the course. (SLIDES 6 and 7 [more if needed])

· Describe methods for modifying the behavior (SLIDE 8)

· Professional References (look for websites with .gov, .edu, or use the textbook, or peer reviewed journal articles) (SLIDE 9)

Presentation Topics :

· Reducing salt/sodium intake (to prevent...(hypertension/stroke/etc.))

· Increasing physical activity (to prevent...(hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc.))

· Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables (to prevent...)

· Reducing overall stress (to prevent...)

· Increasing practice of yoga and meditation (to reduce overall stress)

· Reducing caffeine intake (to prevent....)

· Increasing free time to spend with friends/family (to reduce stress (increase social support))

· Incorporating procrastination reduction techniques (to reduce overall stress)

· Reducing/eliminating alcohol intake (to prevent cirrhosis of the liver or other outcome)

· Getting a mammogram (in order to prevent/early detection of breast cancer)

· Using condoms during sexual activity (to prevent STIs/STDs/HIV/unplanned pregnancy)

· Getting tested for STIs/STDs (to prevent/early detect STIs/STDs)

· Getting tested for HIV (to prevent/early detect HIV)

· Getting a pap exam (to prevent/early detect HPV or cancers)

· Getting a prostate exam (to prevent/early detect prostate cancer)

· Getting a colonoscopy (to prevent/early detect colon cancer)

· Reducing fat intake (to prevent...)

· Reducing/eliminating smoking/tobacco use (to prevent...)

· Starting to/increasing flossing (to prevent gum disease, etc.)

· Washing hands correctly/often (to prevent flu, cold, foodborne illness, etc.)

· Getting a flu shot (to prevent/reduce likelihood of getting the flu)

· Reducing sugar intake (to prevent...)

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